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Guest Artists at Five Crows

July 31 - August 28, 2017​

Lynn Caspe
Mixed Media & Assemblage Artist

Lynn began her love of collage work as a young child in Salem, Ohio. Mixed media and assemblage is where her passion lies. Adding texture and objects into her paintings, making 3-D wall art, or creating things out of found objects (her Junkyard Creatures) is where Lynn’s art is focused today.

In 2006 she created her first Junkyard Creature. This life-sized sculpture of their pet dog, Mickey, was actually made from family memorabilia, travel souvenirs, beach collections, her daughters’ hand-made treasures and old jewelry that belonged to beloved family members. Lynn learned this craft on her own, and as the creative process keeps changing, the creatures keep evolving as well.

After renting studio space at the Holliston Mill for years, Lynn now has a studio at their home in Sherborn.