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Marilyn Taylor
Confident Directions is the culmination of my own personal and professional journey in the expansive field of personal growth and life affirming wellness choices. I have always been intrigued by the mind, body, spirit connection and all of my careers have brought me to this place, which feels like true north to me. 

​​I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1990 and continue to have a private practice alongside life coaching. I owe my coaching journey to all the people who came for bodywork, but were also seeking wellness skills and resources to support them in living a life of purpose. My own initiative for supporting my clients in their goals, led to my decision to become a life coach.  I entered into these professions with a background in Psychology and Education.

​​I promptly discovered my passion for women's health and became a Certified Childbirth Educator, Labor Coach and Early Parenting Facilitator. For many years, I taught privately, for physicians and in women's health and wellness programs at MCI-Framingham, MA.

​​I continued to nurture this interest in early relationships by volunteering for Jewish Family and Children's Services in their Visiting Moms program. In fact, the Hallmark Channel taped a documentary about my relationship with one of my new moms and me! In 2004, I founded The Wellness Roundtable Holistic Practitioners' Network, a forum for other wellness professionals to create collaborative relationships and continue the improvement and availability of resources to clients and community.

​​The Wellness Roundtable has blossomed to be an incredible connecting point for area practioners. I thoroughly enjoy coaching individuals, but also, leading and creating workshops, seminars and retreats. When you do the work you love, it is exciting and effortless...well almost!