© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012
Lisa Keefe
I remember so vividly learning to properly knit almost 30 years ago at an adult education class at Needham High School. As my children grew out of the baby sweater phase I put the knitting needles away, but have felt the pull to start again after the death of my mom two years ago. SHE was the gifted one; could literally do anything, sew, knit, embroider, quilt, hook rugs, upholster furniture. The truth is I feel a certain connection with her when I knit. Knitting is very meditative. The repetitive motion suspends time, quiets the mind, and brings me peace.
I very much appreciate classic, simple, beautifully made clothing. I have chosen to work the cable stitch, so quintessentially New England, into a comfortable, soft, warm alternative to a hat. Current customers look fashionable in this headband whether they are in their 20’s or their 50’s.
I am drawn to the foundation colors – blacks and grays, but have made others in fun, bright colors as well. I have chosen to use a Lion Brand blend called Hometown for its weight and colors. I have worked this pattern in wool, which I appreciate more for its organic nature, but find this blend has a bit more spring that is better suited to the finished product.
I also adore unique knitting needles. A decorative cap adds such personality to this primitive tool that has carried on from generation to generation. Beginning to knit with a cherished pair of needles sets the mood for the whole project.
The final touch is the tags I have fashioned. They represent the peace that this process brings me. In addition joining the three generations my mom was blessed to know: Elizabeth Louise, Lisa Louise, and Emily Elizabeth – elle deisgns.
My finished products make me very happy. I hope sharing them, and my story, makes you happy too.