© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012
Jim Taralli
Jim has been turning beautiful and exquisitely crafted wooden bowls for 25 years.
The bowls are made one at a time using only native North American hardwoods. Each bowl begins its life as a log.  It is then cut, turned, dried, and re-turned, sanded, and a finish is applied several times using food safe tung oil. The final step is to sign the bottom of his work with his name and the wood species.

Each bowl is made of the finest North American hardwoods.

Jim is extremely particular about choosing the wood he uses for his bowls ~ he handpicks each piece of wood himself. He works with many wood types, including cherry, maple, walnut and ash. The woods natural beauty is very important in making a unique bowl. His designs focus on the gentle curve of the bowls body and the way it flows in one smooth motion from the base to the rim. Many of his wooden bowls are delicately detailed by adding his own touch to the rim. A beautiful aspect of each bowl is the way it feels ~ soft, textured, lightweight and balanced.