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Jerry Becker
How Jerry’s Ties was started: Jerry had been in retail sales for 35 years, and for most of that time he had sold men’s clothing, and sold over half million dollars a year in commission sales. His expertise lies with his many years of experience, his color sense and his sparkling personality. All these together make him a great salesman. He retired in 2005.

He decided to put all his experience of color sense into his own business. After being in this business so long, he decided he didn’t want to wear what everybody else was wearing. “A tie is the personality of the wearer,” he says, and Jerry’s Ties is Jerry. Jerry says “You definitely won’t see yourself coming and going.” Since he hand stitches them, selects the linings, and designs them, they are unlike any other ties that are mass produced.

Jerry doesn’t use a commercial pattern to make his ties. He designed his own pattern for the ties. Jerry’s Ties has been in business since March 1995.

Jerry has hand stitched over 1800 ties. He coordinates the linings with the colors in the neckties. Jerry has made group ties for special occasions, such as weddings, and reunions.

Jerry’s Ties are currently sold in museum shops, gift shops and galleries around Massachusetts