© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012
Helen Bellomo
My life long love of sewing has lead me to where I am today, creating and designing one of a kind handbags, patchwork scarves, jackets, and now aprons. Even as a little girl, I was introduced to sewing at a very young age at my grandmother’s Cloth and Knit Shop, a small town fabric store where I worked after school. I loved being surrounded by beautiful fabrics and buttons, and that’s where it all started.

Having grown up outside of Nashville in a family of craftsmen, artists, and musicians, I quickly developed a love for arts and crafts, particularly anything made with fabric. As a little girl, I would always find a job in my grandmother’s Cloth and Knit Shop, whether it was sorting buttons or arranging fabric for display. Inspired by my passion for creativity, I have designed totes, handbags and aprons using unique fabrics that I collect from a wide variety of sources. 

Today, my designs have evolved into recycling clothing, from my closet or thrift stores, and creating these very unique handbags utilizing the detail from the garment into functional qualities in my purses. Now when I look at clothing, I see funky pockets on purses, or detailed piping that completes the finished handbag.

I am blessed to share an artist’s studio here in Natick where I find my inspiration and creativity for all of my work. Every summer, we have the pleasure of passing that gift on to other little inspiring artists at our Creativity Workshops, teaching kids how to sew and create beautiful crafts using recycled materials.

Custom made bags are available.