© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012
Debra Griffin

Do you appreciate using a one-of-a-kind piece of lovingly handcrafted pottery that feels good in your hands…that adds to your enjoyment of drinks or food? If you want this experience, come see which of Debra’s comfort pottery speaks to you and says “Use me!” or “Give me to someone!”
Making pottery gives Debra the opportunity to sculpt three-dimensionally, paint, and make something unique and beautiful, yet functional. Her earthy high-fire stoneware pottery (safe for food, dishwashers and microwaves) is intended to be held and used daily...some bring comfort just by holding them.
Her Reminder Stones can be gifted or kept, possibly with a message written on the back.
​Debra is also displaying her “Breath” Giclé prints at Five Crows. This painted image looks like a stained-glass tree. You can see how Debra loves working with color.
​More of Debra’s eclectic work can be seen on her website and you can see her pottery-making process with videos: www.dagworks.com. You can see how Debra has experimented with a wide variety of materials: mixing, layering, and exploring.  Debra is inspired by many diverse things including natural forms such as trees (her favorite motif).
​ Doing art allows Debra to relax, find focus, and feel joy. She hopes you find joy in using, or gifting, her creations.