© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012
Deb Small

I have spent much of much of my life pursuing my love of hands-on, participatory activities, from knitting, boat-building, gardening and professional baking to folk dancing and traditional music and song.
For 25 years, a dear friend and I exchanged only soap as gifts. Eventually, I gave her half of the last bar of tallow soap that my mother made in the 60s. My friend one-upped me with a bar of her own making, and together, we seized the opportunity to explore the art of cold process soapmaking. My adventure had begun. Since 1997, I have been making and selling soaps as Bolton Soap Works. The soaps are named after my mother Isabelle. I am honored to continue, in my business, the soapmaking that both she and her mother pract . iced from a desire for quality homegoods and a simple sense of Down East frugality.
Today, I bring together quality base oils, herbs, and natural essential oils to create soaps that are fragrant, yet mild; esthetically pleasing; long-lasting yet affordable; and good for all skin types. Isabelle Soaps are a wonderful alternative to harsh commercial soaps or soaps that use fragrance oils, which can have adverse reactions with certain skin types and can alter the scent of personal fragrance products