© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012

Five Crows is always looking for talented, creative individuals.  We jury on a monthly basis, usually during  the last week of each month (except December). ​​Contact the store to verify the jury date.

If you choose to jury your work please supply Five Crows with a well rounded view of your product line. Five pieces minimum. Items must be priced and should arrive at the store two days prior to the jury date. Bring with you a completed Consignment Form, Inventory Sheet and the $10.00 jury fee.

​We judge all submissions on originality, workmanship, and appeal to our customers, as well as similarity to current members' work.

​​Consignees pay a 50% commission on sales.



Click on button below to see and print  our inventory form.   

​Please  complete this form before you arrive, and be sure all your pieces are tagged with your code and price.​

​Thank you!​

Inventory Sheet​​​