© Five Crows, Natick Center / September 2012
de Haan​

Catherine works with the ancient natural dyeing and printing technology called Eco Dye – Eco Print to create beautiful scarves. She extracts the pigments of flowers, leaves and vegetables and transfers them to natural white silk. The process creates a permanent transfer and makes wonderful imprints of the shapes of Japanese Red Maple leaves, roses, Dahlias, Dogwood leaves, Red Hibiscus, red and yellow onion skins and purple carrots--just a few of the natural items Catherine uses to create her scarves. She learned the technique during a special master’s workshop in Brittany, France in 2013.
Catherine is also a French weaver who has been weaving for more than 35 years. She learned to weave in the Netherlands. Her work appears in galleries in Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts.